Exercising Past Fifty

Let’s face it, our bones ache, and our bodies don’t seem as flexible as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean we should neglect an exercise routine. In fact, by taking better care of your health, you can even save thousands on medical expenses.

Get a physical

We suggest you talk to your primary care physician before starting any new exercise routine. Find out if you have any real limitations as you may need to adjust the speed of your workout accordingly.

Start slow

Don’t aim to start running for 6-miles a day if you haven’t been active in a while. Simple stretches and walks are way more beneficial than you think. Simply walking for 30-minutes a day can improve circulation, strengthen muscles, and can even help lower blood pressure over time.

Find activities you enjoy

If walking isn’t for you, just simply participating in an active hobby can help you get your 30-minutes of physical activity a day. Dancing, gardening, and even fishing can help you get in the physical activity you enjoy.

Strength train

Strength training is not limited to the younger generation. Don’t be afraid to use free weights and start off small. The goal isn’t to bulk up into a body-builder, but to activate muscles you may have neglected. Add weight slowly, as starting off with weights that are too heavy may lead to injury.

Benefits of stretching

The benefits to stretching are numerous. Stretching can increase your flexibility, range of motion, relieve stress, and even help prevent back pain. Tight muscles lead to your range of motion diminishing. By regularly stretching you can strengthen back muscles. Aim for 15 minutes of stretching a day.

Be honest with yourself

Are you working out effectively? Don’t hesitate to join a local gym or class and get advice from professionals who can guide you into the right exercise routine for you.

Eat healthy

To see the best results, make sure you are fully hydrated as well as eating foods that are high in fiber and nutrients. As we get older, we tend to eat less, don’t neglect eating a balanced diet to properly fuel your body and mind.

Remember, the goal is to remain healthy in your golden years. Don’t assume because of your age you cannot or do not need to exercise. Ultimately by incorporating an exercise routine into your life you can not only lift your mood but also become much more physically fit, even well after your 50’s.